Vadokanuk (from the Orcish meaning "all who are dead") is the main settlement of orcs on Faerstice. The city is at the forefront of learning within Faerstice. There are more breakthroughs here everyday than any other place of learning, including the Wizened Tower. The orcs have fully dedicated themselves to intellectual pursuits, and their mastery of the arcane is nearly unmatched. To help with their studies, the orcs will send out research ships into the fog-laden waters to observe the effects the fog has on the local flora and fauna. Their natural immunity to the fog, granted by Kraggok, serves them well in this pursuit. Though immune to the fog, the creatures that seep out of it still pose a threat. It is then that the orcs rely on their spellcasters to keep them at bay. If creatures do break through, then orcs rely on their brute strength to beat back the abominations.

The main income for Vadokanuk comes from sharing their insights with the other races. Orcish scholars are highly prized by an institute of learning, especially those in Rulathar.

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Crest of Vadokanuk


Elder Sage Cargor

The population of Vadokanuk is around 27,000. The orcs once reproduced with wild abandon and animalistic pleasure, but they have seen the folly of their ways. Orcs now live in harmony with nature, and they do their best to monitor their resources before expanding. They see the reckless propagation of the humans as foolish as it nearly always leads to shortages.

Vadokanuk and all other orcs are led by Elder Sage Cargor. The elder sage gains his authority through his intellectual worth. The most gifted of all orcs gains the title when the previous sage has died or can no longer perform their duties. The successor is chosen based on their contributions to society by a council of elders (a holdover from how Orcish societies operated in their more primal days).

The crest of Vadokanuk is a quill flanked by two golden scepters.

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