Valdric Teztine

The deity of the plane of glory, Valdric Teztine is the patron saint of city dwarves and gloryhounds of any race. The plane of glory is basically a series of gauntlets set up by Teztine to test his creations and a select few of his followers that he allows into his high court. Feasts and storytelling are a constant of his plane, and the mountains are carved into the likenesses of his greatest champions. Those who seek a name for themselves in the world generally pray to Teztine to provide them with challenges in any form that they may seek to overcome. His symbol is a wreath of laurels.


  • One should seek out challenges and obstacles in whatever form they can find them. Testing the limits of one's abilities should be a part of daily life.
  • Glory should be given to those who deserve it, and those who claim false glory should be exposed and punished.
  • One should strive to achieve a high level of reputation before they meet their end, so that heroic stories will be told about them for centuries. Simply achieving a legacy is not enough; it should inspire everyone who hears of it.
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