Commander Argun Pridewater as a young recruit

The Vigilant Guard is a military force whose sole purpose is to keep watch on the incursion of the fog. The operate out of Fort Vigilance in southwestern Faerstice. Near the fort, they have many camps to supply their patrols and serve as fallback positions. Along with cataloging the spread of the fog, the Vigilant Guard also fights against the foul creatures that pour forth into Faerstice. They are the first line of defense against these abominations.

Fort Vigilance is financed by all the major kingdoms of Faerstice, though some kingdoms shirk their duties at times. The guard is woefully low on recruits and supplies as other conflicts have siphoned coin from Fort Vigilance for centuries. Rulathar is the strongest supporter of the guard, and they pushed the other human kingdoms to pay their fair share during talks prior to the Reckoning Pact.

Members of the Vigilant Guard are easily identifiable because of the talismans they wear. These necklaces are magical imbued with magics said to stave off the effects of the fog. They are typically a chunk of rock from the wearer's homeland (to remind them what they fight for) with a glowing green gem set in the middle. The gem is cloudy with magical energy that is constantly swirling.

Many mercenaries join the Vigilant Guard simply for the pay. Each kingdom also sends a few recruits every year to bolster their ranks. Some adventurers have joined the guard simply because they seek adventure.

The current leader of Fort Vigilance is Commander Argun Pridewater. He believes the best way to combat the fog is to build stronger defenses on the coasts of Faerstice.

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