The Gates of Vludrecht

Vludrecht is the capital of the Vlud Empire. The Vluds are a stalwart people that live in the most inhospitable region of Faerstice. Surrounding them are the Pridefall Mountains, the Rending Bay, and the Tomb Fields. All these areas are desolate with little to nothing in the way of sustenance. However, the mountains are rich with ore that the Vluds have become masters of utilizing. Their smiths are second only to the dwarves, and Vlud armor is the sturdiest to be found in all of Faerstice.

Vlud infantry are the deadliest warriors on the continent. Only the strongest warriors can endure equipping the thick armor of the Vlud shock troops. Any creatures who threaten Vlud holdings must deal with a tide of iron and steel marching down upon them. To bolster their slow moving infantry, the Vluds utilize deadly skirmishers who battle nearly naked. They rush into battle and pepper their enemies with volleys of arrows from their shortbows before retreating behind the main lines. Though nearly unbeatable in battle, the Vluds suffer from a lack of supplies in wartime. They require all their soldiers to be self-sufficient in the field, so every Vlud soldier is a capable forager and hunter.

The tribesmen of the Rending Bay are the source of the second largest export next to armor from Vludrecht. The towering pines are prized across Faerstice for their sturdiness as they are as hard as iron. Most of their imports are food since they constantly struggle with keeping their massive population fed. Most Vlud villages are dedicated to fishing and self-sufficiency. Thusly, independence is a vaunted trait among the Vluds.

Vludrecht has a close relationship with the dwarves of the Crushing Mountain and the goliaths of the nearby mountains. Vlud armies are bolstered by forces from these races in times of war, and goliaths have become honorary members in many Vlud villages.

Lately, the Vluds have focused completely on their western defenses thanks to the Reckoning Pact. The fog is creeping ever nearer up the Rending Bay, and the Vluds are doing their best to fight the creatures from the mists.


Emperor Volkmar Sauer

The population of Vludrecht is 15,000, though most Vluds live in the area surrounding the Rending Bay. Tribal by nature, the Vluds find urban living distasteful. Though they are the smallest of the human kingdoms, they are the most populous.


Vludrecht Crest

Emperor Volkmar Sauer is the current ruler of Vludrecht. The Vluds prize strength and self efficacy above all else. Therefore, their political situation is generally unstable. Uprisings happen often, and many military coups are attempted. Emperor Sauer has only been in power for twenty years, and many believe it is time for some new blood on the throne of Vludrecht. The emperor does his best to protect his interests, and he hopes that keeping his people safe from the fog will placate his citizens and stop the blade of an assassin's dagger.

The crest of Vludrecht is a wolf's head on a golden shield.

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