Born Wagrize Iss'kou in Fort Vigilance, but having no memory of the place. He the child of a human prostitute in, the Band of the Blue Birds, a traveling group of entertainers. He was a rambunctious youth who did not fit in including with his older siblings, as one of the only half-breds among the mostly human children. His sole good friend was the half-elf, Krishinda Dedada. When Krishinda left the band at the age of 16 to marry into a noble household, Wagrize decide it was time to leave the Band as soon as he was able. Upon the band running into the order of mercenaries on his birthday, Wagrize asked if he could join them.

Having worked as a wrestler in the Blue Birds, he took to military combat rather quickly. After serving as a cooks assistant for six months he join his first battle. He loved the sensations of battle, the clanking of steel on steel, the sounds of bones being crushed, and the scent of blood in the air. He enjoyed the camaraderie of the mercenaries, feeling like he fit in with the diverse group of warriors. He made great friends with all sorts of races, but grew very close to Helga and Jery, a Goliath and Halfling couple, who gave him the nickname War Grizzle 'fo Shizzle' due to his ferocity in combat.

After thirty-five battles he was officially induced into the Order of the Grey Hand. The initiation ceremony was more painful than he imagined. He had expected it to hurt about as much as the Blue Jay shoulder tattoo he had gotten as a member, but he was wrong the branding of the Grey Hand symbol was the most painful thing he had every experienced as such he drunk him self to sleep that night.

Two days later he was awoken to the news that Helga and Jerry had died on a mission. Upon finding out the he would have been asked to participate in the mission had he not been so passed out drunk, he was overcome with shame. He left the Order to search for him self on the condition that he would no longer work as a mercenary. He has been wondering the world in search of himself ever since.

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