Deity of the Plane of Chaos, Xylmus is the patron of goblinoids and other chaotic creatures. He revels in pure chaos, and he gains his power from creatures or events that cause it. His creations seek to sow chaos by any means necessary with wild, random abandon. Xylmus has also been known to afflict many upon the Material Plane with madness so that they will serve his ambitions with glee. He rewards the creatures that do his bidding with chaotic magical powers that manifest themselves much as the fog does, with no one able to predict what the results will be. Before the Humbling, he was known to bestow magical powers on mortals at random, though they usually ended up destroying themselves with their newfound power in a glorious display of mayhem. The Plane of Chaos itself is a constantly shifting plane of existence that makes no sense to a mortal's mind. If a mortal was to come into contact with it, they would instantly lose their grip on reality and be swept up in the winds of chaos. Some mortals believe that the fog itself is simply energies channeled directly from the Plane of Chaos. His symbol is a whirling vortex.


  • All creatures should commit themselves to causing chaos.
  • The only sin is to be orderly or committing to one path in life.
  • Institutions and organizations that provide stability should be cleansed from the Material Plane.
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