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Zephyr Spearwind

The deity of the Plane of Wind, Zephyr Spearwind is the patron of winged creatures, some half-elves, slaves, and nomadic cultures. Spearwind gave flight to certain creatures in order to let them enjoy the freedom that not being bound to the ground entails. She urges followers to protect freedom in every way possible as no one should be bound by any law or physical impediment. It is said that some of her more ardent followers were given the ability to fly and they now patrol the skies ending tyranny wherever possible. Her symbol is a pair of wings underscored by a broken chain.


  • The bondage of a person's mind or body in inexcusable. Only the most vile of criminals should have their freedom taken away. One should have a profession only if it is vital.
  • Laws that limit ones freedom are unjust and should never be followed or inflicted upon someone.
  • Anchoring oneself to material possessions or physical locations limits the understanding of an individual and impedes the development of their happiness. One should always have their head in the clouds.
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